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STARPOINT: Starpoint

STARPOINT: Starpoint (Label: Vinyl Masterpiece)

Starting out life as a juvenile outfit back in 1969 with what can only be described as one of the worst band names ever – Licyndiana – this Maryland sextet eventually saw the light...
STARPOINT: 'All Night Long'

STARPOINT: ‘All Night Long’ (Label: PTG)

The best thing about the ’80s Maryland group, Starpoint, was undoubtedly the alluring vocals of their feline-like front-person, Renee Diggs. A flexible vocalist who boasted prodigious lung power, she could raise the roof with...

STARPOINT: ‘Keep On It’ (Label: PTG Vinyl-Masterpiece)

Hailing from deepest Maryland, the ’80s Stateside band Starpoint originally began life as an oddly-named quartet called Licyndiana comprising siblings Ernesto, George, Orlando, and Gregory Phillips. With the addition of sweet-voiced chanteuse, Renee Diggs...